Yoga 4 Yachties

Yoga 4 Yachties

You will find my location on Yoga4Yachties Facebook page, I will offer my Yoga classes, time and location ashore. 

When you join me ashore, please bring your mat, towel or sarong as well as a water bottle.

I like to begin seated &  become aware of our breath, my class begins as follows ...

Mats are placed on the earth, incense lit, music flows between the natural surrounding sounds, water lapping, birds chirping, wind whispering...

 Sitting comfortably, hands on knees or in prayer position at your heart chakra  ~ soften your eyes and encompass the energy of our group  ~ lengthen from your sits bones through to the crown of your head ~ relax your shoulder's  ~ breathe naturally ~ but become aware of your inhalation's and exhalation's, your belly expanding and softening, your lungs filling towards your rib cage and emptying...

If  you can Breathe you have the right type of body for Yoga (Anacostia)

The seven Chakra's are the Energy Centres of our Body ~ let's flow, connect and balance through Yoga & Meditation

Crown Chakra ~ The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually

Third Eye Chakra ~ Our ability to focus on and see the big picture

Throat Chakra ~ Our ability to communicate

Heart Chakra ~ Our ability to love

Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Our ability to be confident and in control of our lives

Sacral Chakra ~ Our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences

Root Chakra ~ Represents  our foundation and feeling of being grounded

Welcome to Yoga 4 Yachties born from my love of Yoga and Cruising. Since 2009 I have continued my Yoga Practice on board our Yacht whilst travelling to various ports of the world. I deepened my practice in 2013 studying with Eoin Finn Blissology Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, & 2016 200hr Assistant. I Teach a Blissology Inspired Vinyasa Flow in some magic locations through out the Pacific.

Blissology RYT 200hr ~ Yoga Alliance 122921

Move with your body, breath & intention to music and aroma’s. Closing your practice with “Savasana” shoulders, temples lightly massaged, eye pillow placed...slow your breath & allow your body to enjoy all it has just achieved.

Welcome to Yoga 4 Yachties

Join me at one of our shared cruising anchorages for a Blissology Inspired Yoga Class

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